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Spy on a Cell Phone WITHOUT having to access target phone to install spy software - possible or not?

Spy on ANY Cell Phone WITHOUT Spyware on Target Phone? Possible?

mobile phone spying no software needed diagram. When it comes to cell phone spying and cell phone spy software this topic is one of the most controversial of all. Of course when it comes to cell phone spying it seems there is no shortage of phone spy experts. The quick and short answer to 'is it possible to spy on a cell phone without installing spy software to the target' is YES.

Many people mistakenly assume you must install a spy app to the target phone to spy on it. This is because most people are not aware there are two complete different types of phone spy software. The type most commonly referred to online is conventional cell phone spy or local cell spy app. The way this spying program works is the spy program for THIS TYPE of phone spy MUST be installed to the target phone. The program works much the same way a computer spy does. It sits silently (hopefully) in the background capturing events occurring on the target phone such as

When any of these events occur the spy on residing on the target phone relays information about the cell phone event to a web site which is the cell phone spy members area. This is where you log in to actually view the spy info on the target phone. Here is where this type of phone spy really gets you. You see by making the cell phone spy enthusiast dependant on the phone spy web site or members area they can, and DO, charge your monthly or quarterly fees for this privilege. Stop paying them and you no longer have access to the spy data. Now you have a phone spy sitting silently and worthlessly on the target phone! These recurring fees are great for the phone spy company (and the marketing and sales affiliates who make commissions) Not good for you and not necessary!

Enter the remote phone spy. This is the second type of cell phone spy. Remote phone spy goes on YOUR cell phone! You never have to get access to the target phone at any time. For some reason people have a hard time wrapping their head around this concept of phone spying. Let me ask you this question. To listen to a radio station to you have to actually visit the radio station to install something so you can access that radio station on your radio?? Of course not! Here is a detailed explanation of how spying on a phone without installing anything to the target works.

The magic of this wireless remote communication occurs through frequency pairing. This is exactly how remote cell phone spy software works. Once you install it to your cell phone you launch the remote phone spy. You select a menu item which puts the software in frequency pairing mode. For the popular Cell Tracker spy program this menu item is -set call monitoring- While in this mode you call the target cell phone. The target cell phone must pick up and stay connected with you for at least 30 seconds. An actual human being does not have to answer though. If it goes to voice mail this is fine. 30 seconds is about how long is required for the remote spy on your cell phone to establish the exact frequency of the target cell phone. From then on any time you and the target phone have cell phone service (not internet connection which is not required with a remote cell phone spy but IS required with local cell phone spy) anytime the target phone sends OR receives ANY data of any kind (phone calls, SMS, email, web browsing) your cell phone, or rather the remote cell phone spy residing on your cell phone, receives a digital copy of this info which gets displayed on your cell phone screen.

If you are interested in learning more about remote phone spy here is a list of remote phone spy software.

Cell phone spying without the target phone is nothing magical or even new. This wireless transmission of data through frequency connections is about as old as the AM radio.

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